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About Gregg Jones

Gregg graduated from the Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge, MA and has completed over 1200 hours of basic and advanced massage education. Gregg is a Nationally Certified Therapist in Massage and Bodywork (NCTMB), a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and a professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). He has a Bachelor of Arts in Theology from Clarke College in Dubuque, IA. Prior to establishing his own practice, Gregg worked at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston in the Cancer Center giving massages to cancer patients thru the HOPES Program.

Gregg's Healing Philosophy

I am committed to a holistic and spiritual philosophy for health, healing and balance through Muscular Therapy. In creating a partnership your needs and your choices are approached with a perspective that understands the interconnection of the mind, body and spirit to reduce muscular tension and stress. In reducing muscular tension and stress, we are helping your body heal and reducing or even eliminating chronic pain, as well as reeducating the body using stress reduction techniques.

The effectiveness of massage lies in a simple and direct strategy: working from the external, outer mechanisms of pain to the primary, root cause. Muscular therapists utilize a holistic approach, focusing on the entire body system and its relationship to soft tissue. Their care isn't focused only on the site of pain.

One benefit of muscular therapy from a patient perspective is how it helps patients become more aware of their bodies and better familiarize them with the pain they experience. The muscular therapist not only helps relieve muscle and other soft tissue pain, but also has an impact on the patient by virtue of human touch.

Talk to Your Doctor About Muscular Therapy!

Recent surveys commissioned by the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) reveal that more people each year seek massage for health reasons and more physicians are recommending massage to their patients. Ask your doctor about the possible benefits of muscular therapy for you.

While massage has many health benefits, if you have an active or chronic medical condition, please consult your doctor before getting a massage.